The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal

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The 90 pages All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal is a carefully laid out planner to note every stage of pregnancy. This planner features checklists, blank sheets to record precious memories and stay organized, a weekly journal to record your memories and symptoms plus much more.

Here is what it includes

First Trimester

  • Cover page
  • Pregnancy milestones page
  • “I’m pregnant!” page
  • Positive Pregnancy Test picture page
  • Pregnancy Announcement
  • First ultrasound
  • Trimester Countdown
  • First-trimester cover page
  • First-trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby Registry wish list
  • First trimester cravings and aversions
  • Fit pregnancy plan
  • Weeks 4-41 journal

Second Trimester

  • Second-trimester cover page
  • Second-trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Second-trimester cravings and aversions
  • Letter to a Baby
  • Nursery Planner
  • Gender reveal party checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby names page
  • Appointment Tracker
  • Pre-natal vitamin tracker (x2)
  • Pregnancy weight tracker

Third Trimester

  • Third-trimester cover page
  • Third-trimester checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Hospital bag checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Third-trimester cravings and aversions
  • Birth plan
  • Baby shower checklist (Pre-filled)
  • Baby Shower Guest list
  • My Baby shower
  • Baby shower gift log
  • The Big day”
  • Baby is here!
  • Birth story page (x2)
  • Breastfeeding log
  • Diaper and Sleep Log
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The All-In-One Pregnancy Planner/Journal

0 ratings
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